The Forgotten Flood

The Forgotten Flood
The Story of The Great Flood at Sheffield in 1864
Directed by Phil Parkin

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At the stroke of midnight on 11th March 1864,
the Dale Dyke Dam burst its mighty banks.
Within 20 minutes Sheffield was engulfed
by 700 million gallons of water.

Nearly 250 people died in the flood.
Its first victim a one-day old child swept from it’s mother’s arms.
Sheffield was devastated, but few today remember
the Great Sheffield Flood.

In March 2004, descendents gathered together with
members of the general public in a series of events
to commemorate the events of 140 years earlier.

‘The Forgotten Flood’ is a documentary film
narrated by Rony Robinson of BBC Radio Sheffield.

Combining footage from the 140th anniversary together
with archive stills and illustrations, this 30-minute film
tells the story of the fateful night and
the legacy it has left behind.
Also contains DVD extras.

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